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Starting over a decade ago we have been striving to successfully run several restaurants/takeaways in the north west region however due to the high commission from third party food apps, maximising our profits have been limited. This wasn’t the issue only for us, many other takeaways also faced this issue.

This is why as a family we decided to bring UK-EATS to you. An online food portal where you as a consumer are REWARDED for simply ordering food through us (the first to do so!).

  • Place an order through our portal from your favourite restaurant (£10+)
  • After order is accepted you will be rewarded with 30 UK-EATS points
  • Accumulate your points to use as a discount on your future orders.

Our mission is to help local food businesses around UK maximise their profits through low commissions and absolutely 0% sign up fees. You as a consumer will not only be supporting your local business by using UK-EATS but also benefitting from the reward system and exclusive discounts that we will offer.

We at UK-EATS are committed and driven to bring both our consumers and partners the best of experiences.

We are looking forward for you to embark on our journey with US!

( more than happy to answer any questions if you have any)

Contact us: contact@uk-eats.com

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