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Our Address: UK-eats limited 51a Dorset drive, Bury, Lancashire, England BL9 9DN

These Terms and conditions combine with our Privacy Policy govern your access to our website and mobile app, if we may have. These Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy also enable you to do business with us. If you find any provisions in these Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Privacy Policy (PP) objectionable, you may not wish to access our website/app and use our services. We, in no way, are liable to alter these T&C and PP as per your wishes and/or wants. The sole discretion of updating, editing, and/or adding or omitting some provisions from these T&C and PP belongs to us.

We reserve the right to change, edit or altogether remove this section without any legal, paralegal or moral liability.

By accessing any part of our website, our affiliate partners, our app, if we may have, or any promotional program, if we may have, you are consenting that you have read and understood and will abide by these T&C and PP provisions. Following are some of the provisions of our T&C and PP.

Important Note:

UK Eats, at the moment, do not have our own drivers so any terms and conditions for delivery related to UK Eats until communicated are not applicable. Currently all deliveries are managed by our restaurant partners

  • T&C of Use and Sale/services

      1.1 UK Eats is a company registered in UK and Wales with registered company number

      13159415 Our registered office is at UK-eats limited, 51a Dorset drive, Bury, Lancashire,England BL9 9DN.

      1.2 Our VAT number is 402773905

      1.3 Product Orders: We bring a way for you to communicate your order/s for product/s to delivery or takeaway restaurant/s in the UK displayed on our website. The legal contract takes place between you and the restaurant you place your order to. We will only act a commercial agent on behalf of you and the restaurant you place your order to. We bear no legal or commercial responsibility for the low quality or delayed delivery.

      1.4 Delivery Services: Most of the restaurants on our website have their own delivery systems and may provide the desired product to your doorstep. They may charge an additional amount as the delivery charges; however, in some cases, if the restaurant/s does/do not have their own delivery system, we may provide you our own delivery services and may charge you the additional amount on our own behalf. These charges will be considered as principal charges instead of charges as commercial agent for the restaurant/s.

      2. Terms and Conditions of Website Access

      2.1 Website Access: You may be able to access some of the sections of our website without placing an order or even getting registered. Most areas/pages of the website are free to view/access

      2.2 Acceptance of Terms: As communicated in the initial part, you accept our terms and conditions while accessing our website; however, if you do not accept these terms and conditions, you are not advised to access our website and are not allowed to place an order.

      2.3 Revisions/editing/omitting/adding new Terms: We may revise our Terms and conditions from time to time without notifying in advance; however, we may provide you an updating information in the “Last Update” section.

      2.4 Responsibility: you are responsible to have all the arrangements done before accessing our website. You are also responsible for all the activities take place under your registered information and/or your IP (unique Internet Providing service number). In case of any violation, threat, or misuse of our website, we may seek legal aid against those whose information are registered with us and the illegal activities are being done under their information.

      3. Your Legal Status

      If may not be able to access our website and/or use our services if:

      3.1 You are not 18 or above

      3.2 Your legal status is not defined in the place you live in

      3.3 You do acknowledge that if you have any specific food allergy, you check directly with the restaurant you are placing your order to, if the food is not harmful for you.

      3.4 You cannot place an order to Alcohol, Cigarettes, and other smoking products if you are under 18 years of age. If the restaurant you wish to place an order finds out that whether you are under 18 years of age, or ordering any prohibited product/s for someone who is under 18, they reserve the right not to complete your order. In extreme situations, they also reserve the right to seek legal aid as well.

      4. How can you make/place an Order and how do we process it?

      4.1 Compiling your Order: upon selected the product you wish to purchase from your selected restaurant, you will be prompted to a next page for order confirmation and other payment process. At this stage, if you do not already have account, UK eats upon your request will make a temporary account which is called ‘guest account’. It is critical that you at that stage have read and understood our T&C. your guest account will be terminated upon:

      1. If you did not access it for six months after your last order
      2. Or if it has completed twelve months after being created.

      It should also be noted that you can only use your guest account over the device you created it on.

      4.2 Amendments and cancellations: Once you placed an order and your payment has been authorized, you will be entitled to amend or cancel your order at on the UK eats website or app until the service (restaurants) has accepted it. As we operate a live system with all our restaurants having a live terminal. Please refer to the following specific paragraphs regarding amending and cancelling your order to know more about doing such. However, if you wish to amend or cancel your order, you should contact the restaurant directly. It should be noted that it is not guaranteed that they will every time be able to amend or cancel your order. It depends upon the restaurant’s cancellation and amending policy and order processing. It should also be noted that UK eats cannot dictate any restaurant to cancel or amend the order.

      4.3 Payment Authorisation: until your payment is not authorised, your order cannot be placed and/or communicated to restaurant/s.

      4.4 Processing and rejection of your order: please be noted that once you place an order and authorise your payment, we communicate your request to the restaurant. An email that you get upon placing an order is a confirmation email from us and the restaurant/s can still reject your order based on many factors, for instance, if they are too busy, if the specific food you order is not available at the moment, if the weather condition is not good, or if the availability to deliver your order is scarce at the moment. Upon rejection of your order by a restaurant, you are entitled to get your payment back as per the T&C of paragraph “Price and Payment”.

      4.5 Delivery Time: The time for deliveries of your order is approximate and neither we nor restaurants guarantee that your order will be delivered or available within the estimated time.

      4.6 Commercial Agency: To avoid any doubt or setting expectations, it should be noted that any order confirmed by UK Eats through our website/app are confirmed and processed by UK Eats in our capacity as a commercial agency.

      5. Price and Payment

      5.1 VAT and Delivery Expenditures: Any order processed through UK Eats’ Website/app will have estimated cost of the order and VAT; however, the delivery cost will be added upon delivering your product if you choose the delivery option whether by us or by the restaurant/s.

      5.2 Possible Pricing Errors: it should be noted that UK Eats contains lots of menus from different restaurants and it is possible that some products displayed may not have their actual prices. If we find that you have ordered a product whose rate is higher than what is given on the website/app, we may usually let you know while confirming your order. However, it may be noted that neither UK Eats nor restaurant is liable in any case to provide you the product on reduced rate or compensate you because of the price error.

      5.3 Payment Methods: Payment must be made through a recognized and acceptable credit or debit card while placing an order. The payment can also be made in cash to the restaurant upon the delivery of the product or in case of collection of the product if you chose the collection by you option.

      5.4 Payment Through Cards: if you pay through a credit or debit card, it is compulsory to show your credit card in the restaurant upon collection of your order in order to verify the credit or debit card and to ensure that the credit or debit card corresponds with the payment options you made while placing your order. Please be noted that the payment collection through a credit or debit card can be delayed due to many things. It can take up to sixty (60) days to deduct the required amount from your bank account.

      5.5 Discount and Credit Vouchers: you may avail a credit or discount voucher if you use a promotional code endorsed by UK Eats and recognized by the website/app while you pay through a credit or debit card. It must be noted here that because of the standard banking procedure, when you place an order, your bank or card issuer may deduct the full amount. It may take up to 3-5 days or even more in some circumstances to receive the discount back in your account.

      5.6 Payment on Rejected Order: you agree and give your consent that when you place an order and pay through a credit or debit card, in case of the order being rejected by the restaurant or is cancelled by them for any other reason, your money will be returned back to your bank account or to your credit or debit card. However, please note that it may take up to 3-5 or more days to land fund into your account because of the standard banking procedure. UK Eats or The restaurants will not be responsible for any delay in the payment being returned.

      6. Customer Care

      6.1 General Info: Customer Care is an extremely important department of UK Eats. We will leave no stone unturned to be of helpful to you whenever it is possible for us. You can click on ‘Help’ button on our website/app listed below or can also ring us on the given number. A customer care email address is also mentioned you may wish to use to reach us.

      6.2 Order Queries: If your order is taking too long or you are not aware of its status, you can contact our customer support by using one of the described links, one of our dedicated agents will try to reach out to the restaurant and will get to you as soon as possible but also it will be quicker to contact restaurants directly.

      6.3 Changing or Cancelling the Order: It has already been communicated that once placed, any order can neither be cancelled nor changed; however, if you still wish it changed or cancelled, our agent will try to reach out to the restaurant and cancel/amend your order. We, however, cannot guarantee success in this regard or you can try to contact the restaurant directly.

      6.4 Feedback and/or Complaints: You do understand that UK Eats acts as just a commercial agent. If you are not satisfied with the product and/or services a restaurant provides you with, we encourage you to leave your feedback and ratings on our website/app. We take these feedbacks and ratings very seriously and these feedbacks decide our future business plans.

      6.5 Compensation: If you are not happy with the quality and/or services of the restaurant you have purchased a product from, and wish to have a refund or some compensation, you are advised to directly contact with the restaurant. However, in case, you are failed to contact the restaurant or they refused to compensate you, you can contact our customer support within 72 hours. We will try to reach out the restaurant and communicate your complaint; however, please note that we are under no legal obligation to compensate you or communicate your complaint to the restaurant/s. please also note that while placing an order, you are making a contract directly with the restaurant you are placing an order to.

      7. License

      You are allowed to use our website/app and download and print the materials for your personal use on the bases of following criteria.

      7.1 You are in no way allowed to hack, crack or misuse the website/app.

      7.2 We retain the rights on the intellectual properties published on the website/app and our materials are copyrighted. Apart from the paragraph 7.1, nobody can use any of our printed materials including written content and/or photos. If we found anyone doing so, we may seek legal help.

      7.3 You are not allowed to edit, reuse, and/or mismanage any of the copyrighted material published on our website/app.

      7.4 Using any of the materials for your personal use, you are asked to accompany the materials with the author/website name in accordance with the paragraph 7.1

      7.5 you are in no way allowed to use the content of the website/app or the whole website/app for any commercial use without getting any prior license to do so.

      7.6 Apart from paragraph 7.1, you cannot use any of the material of our website for any purpose.

      7.7 We reserve all the rights on all the materials of our website and do not allow anyone to use any of the material.

      8. Website Access

      8.1 We constantly try to make our website/app available around the clock for anyone lives anywhere; however, due to technical errors, the website/app may be down anywhere for any period of time and we do not take the responsibility for the unavailability of the website/app.

      8.2 Access Suspension/denial: Your access to our website/app may be suspended any time without notifying you

      8.3 Information Security: Although we do our best to protect your information, online is not completely secure. Please provide any of your information at your own risk.

      9. Visitors Materials and Reviews

      9.Visitors Materials and Reviews 9.1 General Materials: All the information you provide us with, except your personal identifiable information which is secured and protected under copy notice, can be viewed by other visitors. Also, the information can be used, reproduce, and published by us or anyone we designate to do so. You give your consent while posting your reviews and other non-identifiable information.

      9.2 you represent and warrant that any Visitor Material you post, transmit, or upload does not breach any of the restrictions of paragraph 9.3 and 9.4.

      9.3 Restrictions: You are not allowed to post, upload, or transmit any visitor material to or from the website/app if:

      1. doing so breaches any applicable local, national, or international law
      2. is fraudulent or unlawful
      3. can be termed as unauthrised advertising
      4. or, contains viruses or any other harmful programs

      9.4 Posting Reviews Policy: Any review that you post to our website must not contain any offensive materials. It must also not be obscene, defamatory, or violent. The reviews should not promote discrimination, it must also not infringe the intellectual property rights or other people and/or websites/firms/organizations. Please note that the reviews you post must not breach any legal duty owed by a third party. Your review if promotes any illegal activity or invade other/s privacy would be termed as invalid and can be removed from our website. We may also seek legal help in extreme situations. Your reviews must not give the sense that they are posted by us and they cannot impersonate others.

      9.5 Removal of Reviews: We may remove, edit, or update your review if it comes under any of the points mentioned in 9.3 and 9.4 paragraphs. The removal, editing, and updating of reviews will solely be based on our discretion and we will not accept anyone else’s dictation. 9.6 Imagery: The images of the food you see on our website are only the representatives of the foods different restaurant prepare and sell, they may not be original and the actual product you receive may be different from how it looks in the image.

      9.7 Liability: You agree to indemnify and hold us innocent against any claims restaurants make against us for the reviews posted by you on our website. You also understand and accept that any review that you post do not belong to us and we do not represent you or your review. Hence, any claim that arises against UK Eats because of your review may be dealt by you.

      9.8 Disclosure of Information: You understand and agree that we will fully cooperate with the authorities in case any of your reviews breach any of the clauses in paragraphs 9.3 and 9.4 or any other applicable law. We will provide your address and other information to authorities in such situation.

      10 Third Party Website/s

      10.1 Links to third party are provided for your convenience; however, we in no way represent those websites, can control their content, are responsible for their availability, and/or know about the accuracy of their content. When you click on any third-party website link, you leave our website and are responsible for your own privacy and security and we do not bear any liability about your security and/or the privacy of your identifiable or unidentifiable information.

      10.2 You may wish your accounts on other Websites to our page/website. While doing so, you are making sure that you will:

      1. By doing it in a fair and legal and other account linked to our website will not damage our intellectual property or our reputation.
      2. You do not link a website and/or account you do not own. You do also not do anything that is harmful for yours or our reputation
      3. Any and all website from which you link on our website must adhere to the standards set by us in these terms and conditions and privacy policy section.
      4. We may withdraw the right to linkage any time for any reason and are not responsible for sharing the reason with anyone.
      11. Disclaimers

      11.1 Website Information: we make sure to provide you with the accurate information about the products, restaurants, and other sections of website; however, some of the information may be inaccurate or outdated. We do not promise of providing updated and accurate information. We may update and edit information on our website from time to time; however, we cannot guarantee on time updates and do not take dictation about doing so.

      11.2 Some of the clients may have certain allergies, food intolerance and/or other food related health problem. When we make a contract with any restaurant, the information provided by them is published on our website. We do also strive to update the information from time to time, though you are asked with check with the restaurant directly before placing an order. We ask you not to use the ‘note to the restaurant’ box for letting us know your food intolerance or allergies, rather contact the restaurant directly.

      11.3 Actions and Omissions of the Restaurants: please note that while placing an order, you are contracting with the restaurants and any action or omission by the restaurant does not belong to us. We cannot control their actions and are not responsible for what they do.

      11.4 We do not promise that the product you order from the restaurant/s will be of good or satisfactory quality as we cannot control their operation or quality standards

      11.5 Estimated times for the delivery provided by the restaurants are only estimated times and the order or delivery can be late. We or the restaurant do not take responsibility for the on time available for collection or delivery.

      11.6 We ask and encourage all the restaurants to accept all orders and deliver on time. However, accepting and/or rejecting the order is the sole discretion of the restaurant and we cannot force them to accept, reject, or cancel order/s.

      11.7 You must provide the proof of your age while placing an order for the purchasing of cigarettes, alcohols or any other related product. Restaurant can cancel your order if you fail to provide the proofs of your age and legal status.

      11.8 The foregoing disclaimers do not affect your statutory rights against any Restaurant.

      11.9 Exclusion of terms: We provide you with access to and use of the Website on the basis that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude all representations, warranties, conditions, undertakings and other terms in relation to the Website and your use of it (including any representations, warranties, conditions, undertakings and other terms which might otherwise apply to the Website and your use of it, or be otherwise implied or incorporated into these Website Terms, by statute, common law or otherwise ).

      12. Liability

      12.1 General: Nothing in these T&C of our website holds us innocent from our liability for personal injury or death arises from our negligence. These terms also do not hold us innocent from any misrepresentation or fraudulent activities or any breaching of any applicable law.

      12.2 Exclusion of Liability: Subject to provision 12.1, We will not be liable under any circumstances whether in contract, tort includes negligence, breach of statuary duties, or even if foreseeable, arising under or in connection with the Website (including the use, inability to use or the results of use of the Website) for:

      1. any loss of sales, revenue, or profit
      2. loss of information or software or the data corruption
      3. loss of any business chance
      4. loss of savings; anticipated savings
      5. loss of goodwill
      6. or any consequential or direct loss

      12.3 Limitation of Liability: Subject to clauses 11, 12.1 and 12.2, our total liability to you in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection with the Website or your use of it, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, r otherwise, shall in no circumstances exceed twice the value of your Order or £100, whichever is lower.

      12.4 Additional Costs: you take full responsibility for all additional costs including but not limited to costs related to serving, repairing, or adoption of any equipment, software, or data that you own or use.

      13. Termination

      13.1 Reasons for termination: We may immediately terminate your privilege to use our website based on our sole discretion with or without notifying you by mail if we feel that:

      1. You are using our website in breach of license
      2. You are posting reviews that are not in compliance with paragraph 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3
      3. You are breaching paragraph 10 (linking from or to other websites)
      4. Or we may feel that you are breaching any of the provisions of our T&C.

      13.3 Obligation Upon Termination: upon termination, it is your obligation to destroy any of the extracts or materials you have taken from our website.

      14. Written Communication

      Some of the applicable laws require both parties to communicate in written. You understand and accept that when we reach out to you through an electronic mail or post updates on our website, these are termed as written communication. You understand and accept these communications as written communication. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights.

      15. Force Majeures

      15.1 We will absolutely not be liable or responsible for completing your order, or for any delay in case of events out of our control. Such events include but not limited to:

      • Strikes, lockout, lockdowns, or other industrial actions
      • Riots, terrorist attacks, invasions, pandemics, epidemics, or a threat of terrorist attack
      • Earthquake, fire, storm, flood, subsidence or any other natural disaster
      • Impossibility of the use of means of communication such as railways, roads, or planes
      • Impossibility of the use private telecommunication networks such as mobile phones
      • Impossibility of the use public telecommunication networks such as landline phones,
      • A governmental order, decree or forced restriction on us that may hinder us from performing our duties.

      15.2 Our performance will be suspended for the period until the force majeure continues. However, we will do our best to find a solution for the force majeure and end the halt period as soon as possible.

      16. Additional Terms

      Privacy Policy : We are committed to protect your information and keep them secure. For privacy and security of your information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

      Cookies Policy : We do also use cookies to give you a tailored and personalized experience, please read our cookies policy here.

      Severability : If any provision of these terms and conditions is declared to be invalid or unlawful by any authority of the govt. and/or other forcing authority, other provisions will continue to be valid.

      Agreement : T&C are declared to be the new, valid, and fresh agreements between you and we, and any previous agreements are hereby cancelled and declared invalid.

      No Waiver : any delay or failure caused by you or us in enforcing certain provisions does not mean that other provisions are also waived off

      Assignments : You cannot transfer your rights and obligations and agreements with to any third party. However, we can transfer any of the terms and conditions and agreements to our affiliate websites, partners, competitors, and/or our new owners, if in case, the business is sold out.

      Headings : The headings in these T&C are given for your convenience and do not affect, replace, or cancel the provisions.

      17. Jurisdictions and governing laws

      These T&C will be governed by English laws. You can bring any legal issue in accordance with English law; however, if you live in any part of UK besides England, or any other country or EU, you may take legal action as per the law of the land you live in.

      You will benefit from all the provisions of these T&C as a consumer under the law of the land you live in. No provision in these T&C including the above paragraph affects your legal mandatory rights as a consumer.

      UK Eats Voucher T&C
      General Terms
      • The following general voucher T&C will be applicable to all voucher issued by UK Eats from time to time to be used on our website/app, including promotional vouchers, paycode voucher, and combination of paycode and promotional vouchers.
      • Individual vouchers’ T&C will also be governed by the general voucher T&C paragraph.
      • Vouchers are usable only online on our website/app when you are paying through a valid debit or credit card. Cash voucher can only be applicable if the restaurant you are placing your order accepts orders in cash.
      Paycode Special T&C

      Unless otherwise stated by UK Eats, Discount Vouchers with a fixed value (e.g. £5 off)  may only be used where the total value of your order is at least £10.There is no such minimum spend requirement in respect of Paycode Vouchers or for Discount Vouchers which provide a percentage discount.

      Paycode voucher can only be applied to the registered valid personal/permanent member or guest account via UK Eats website/app. The voucher will not be accepted if the deadline for the voucher has been passed.

      No change or cash will be given to customers, if in case, the paycode value is greater than the order value. The remaining amount will be reimbursed to the user account and can be used for future orders.

      If the order value is greater than the paycode voucher, the remaining amount must be paid using a credit card or cash.

      Please note that the paycode vouchers or vouchers paycode can be used only once. Once it is used, whether authorised or unauthorised, it becomes void and cannot be used again.

      Specific Terms for Discount Vouchers

      Discount vouchers must be used on the time when it is available or within the timeframe assigned. After using or the assigned time is passed, the discount voucher will be expired.

      In the event of 2000 redemptions made per discount voucher, it will automatically expires despite the fact that the expiry date yet to come.

      General and Specific Terms for all Vouchers

      Voucher usage is specific for personal use. If it was given to you, you cannot store, reproduce, or transfer it to someone else. You cannot use it for any purpose other than your personal usage within the specified time. If we find that you have transferred you voucher to anyone else or are using it in any way other than the ones, we allow it before asking for permission in written from us, we may cancel your voucher.

      UK Eats Competition T&C

      The following T&C will apply to all competitions run by UK Eats:

      Individual or general competition will be subjected to general and specific T&C specifically drafted for the said competitions

      Our competitions are open for all residents of UK aged 18 or above except employees, their families, associates, or anyone else who is in any related to the competitions arranged by UK Eats.

      Winners must ensure to accept and receive the prize/s set in the competitions by UK Eats. We will redraw the competition if a winner is failed to accept or collect the prize within a specified timeframe

      Once you complete and submit the competition form, it means that you agree with the general and specific T&C of the competition,

      Any specific or general T&C of the competition are governed by the laws of UK and Wales and are subject to change if are in tussle with any applicable law

      Any personal data that we may collect in competitions is kept secured as per our Privacy Policy.

      We reserve the right to alter the general or specific T&C of any competition or withdraw with without any prior notice.

      Our decision about competitions, their winners, withdrawing or altering the terms of any competition is final and nobody has the right to object.

      All standard T&C and service apply